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Stop Putting Up With a Faulty Starter

Get expert car starter repair services in Coopersville, MI, Serving Walker, MI

Is your vehicle hard to start? You might have a faulty starter. Our mechanics can inspect your vehicle, run diagnostics tests and find out if your starter needs to be repaired or replaced.

Your starter might be at fault if:

  • Your engine won't turn over
  • The starter engages but doesn't spin the motor
  • Your vehicle makes a grinding noise when it's started
  • The interior lights dim when your vehicle starts up
  • Your vehicle smells like smoke or you can see smoke

Adema Alternator and Starter Service provides car starter repair and installation services in the Coopersville, MI area. You can trust us to locate any issues with your starter and repair or replace it as necessary. Contact us today to learn more about our car starter repair services.

Need a new, reliable starter installed?

Adema Alternator and Starter Service offers car starter installation services in Coopersville, MI. The starters we manufacture go through rigorous testing and inspections to make sure they'll operate at maximum efficiency for years to come. Our starter products include:


Completely blasted clean for proper mounting and fit.

Armatures and Commutators

Tested for proper insulation and current flow. Shafts are straightened, and commutators are precision machined.


100% new copper & bronze sintered with oil impregnation.


100% new motor grade to reduce drag.


100% new for long life.


100% new with the exception that Denso solenoids are remanufactured with 100% new copper contacts to insure consistent power.


Remanufactured with 100% new springs, rollers and high temp lubricant.

Call today to make a car starter installation or repair appointment at our auto shop.