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Turn to Adema Alternator and Starter Service for alternator installation and repair services in the Coopersville, Michigan area. All of our alternators are completely disassembled prior to being installed, and the parts go through a series of rigorous tests and quality checks before they're made available for purchase.

We manufacture our own alternators and repair used alternators. Each of our new units is fully load-tested on state-of-the-art computerized load simulators. This ensures every unit stays within specifications, and a consistent quality standard is maintained. You can breathe easy knowing that we're installing a dependable, durable alternator in your vehicle., whether it's for an 18-wheeler, a sedan, a boat or a forklift.

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If your vehicle lighting is dim, you might have an alternator issue. Luckily, Adema Alternator and Starter Service specializes in alternator repair and installation services in Coopersville, Michigan. Our alternator products include:


Blasted clean to ensure proper fit and clean connections for maximum current flow.


Completely cleaned and electronically tested for maximum insulation and phase balance.

Rotor and Slip Rings

Cleaned and precision machined. They are also electronically balanced to ensure maximum bearing life.


100% new motor grade to reduce drag.

Brushes and Springs

100% new for long life and proper contact on the slip rings.


Cleaned and tested for leakage and weak points to ensure proper current flow.


100% tested for correct operating voltage or replaced with new.

Specialty Products

We carry ATV, watercraft, motorcycle, high output alternators and custom finished units (chrome and color powder coated).

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